About Us



20130829-195700_MG_7392The Photographic Arts Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania (PASNWPA) promotes and supports photography as art in northwestern Pennsylvania. We were founded in June 2011. You may download a copy of our organization bylaws HERE. We are a nonprofit society organized in the State of Pennsylvania.


We showcase the photographic work of our accomplished and award-winning contemporary photographers, define Photographic Fine Art by educating the community through gallery shows and programs, and endeavor to teach those who aspire to advance their photography as Fine Art.

While it is difficult to define art, especially fine art since it is up to the viewer and purchaser of such art, we strive to offer the general public and art buyers access to photographers whose work has appeared in magazines, books, galleries, juried shows and competitions, or otherwise whose photography meets the high aesthetic and technical qualities as defined by this organization.


  • Kathy Welte – President
  • Fred Fiedler – Vice President
  • John Misterovich – Secretary
  • Candy Felege – Treasurer
  • Greg Zbach- Director
  • Heather Reichel – Director


  • Patti Larson – Marketing and Publicity
  • Greg Zbach – Membership
  • Kathy Welte – Exhibits
  • Patty Raydo – Education
  • Terry Pytlarz & Gayle Winslow – Website and Social Media


If you are interested in having PASNWPA represented in your gallery or at a show please send an email HERE with your name, gallery or show information and contact number. You will be displaying a variety of fine photographic are and we look forward to hearing from you.


If you are interesting in becoming a member you may download a Member Application HERE.

Sunset Over a Farm in Chautauqua



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