PASNWPA Member Exhibit “Visual Perception” at Sensory Winery and Art Gallery

Spoken Glass by Greg Zbach

Location: Sensory Winery and Art Gallery located at 10599 West Main Street in Ripley, New York
Opening Reception: Friday, August 25, 2017
Meet the Artists from 7 pm to 9 pm
Exhibit runs from August 25 through Sunday, October 1
Gallery Hours: Thursday 12-5, Friday 12-8, Saturday 12-8, Sunday 12-5, Closed Mon, Tues & Wed.
Admission: Free


The exhibit, titled “Visual Perception,” will feature the fine art photography of PASNWPA members. All artwork is for sale.  PASNWPA members, whose high quality photographic artwork will be displayed at the exhibit, will be present at the opening reception to discuss their own photographic images as well as the goals of PASNWPA in promoting photography as fine art. Featured artists include many well-known local photographers, including Candy Felege, Christine French, Ric Gilson, Patti Larson, Kathy A Welte, Gayle Winslow, Greg Zbach and many others.

Infrared Vines by Gayle Winslow

Evanesce by Laura Gooley

About Sensory Winery and Art Gallery  
Sensory Winery and Art Gallery is a contemporary, abstract gallery that produces small-lot highly blended cult wines that cannot be found anywhere else.  Their vision is to meld the perception of our senses into one location through visual artwork, taste-and-smell wines, sound, music and video commentary.  Sensory Winery and Art Gallery seeks to deliver an appreciation for the arts.  Their wine, like their artwork, is constantly changing.

PASNWPA is a non-profit organization that advances Fine Art photography in the Northwestern Pennsylvania area and helps provide economic benefits for its member artists.   Among its stated goals are: to organize and conduct gallery exhibitions, to provide education on Fine Art photography to the public, and to provide member artists a gallery on the PASNWPA webpage to showcase their images.

Purple White by Candy Felege

Tulip Vibrations by Christine French

Hovering Hummingbird by Patti Larson







For more information: Contact Kathy A. Welte, President at or call (814)218-6231


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