New Exhibit at Glass Growers Gallery

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“Photographic Impressions”

A new exhibit from the members of the
Photographic Arts Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania


Exhibit ends September 9, 2015

Glass Growers Gallery 10 East Fifth Street Erie, PA 16507 814.453.3758
Hours: Mon to Sat 10 to 5 pm

Glass Growers Gallery will feature the fine art photography of members of the Photographic Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania (PASNWPA) at its next art exhibit, “Photographic Impressions” from August 7 through September 9, 2015.

The featured photography ranges from richly toned panoramic landscapes to black and white images with exquisite tonal ranges and also includes abstract and impressionistic photographs.

Featured artists include many well-known local photographers, such as Jack Anon, Fred Fiedler, Christine French, T. Alan Kirk, Patti Larson, Terry Pytlarz, Kathy Maloney, John Misterovich, Bob Raydo, Patty Raydo, Rebecca Samler, Monica Schwegman, Barbara Weaver, Kathy A. Welte, Gayle Winslow, and Greg Zbach.

PASNWPA members, whose high quality photographic art work will be displayed at the exhibit, will be present at the opening reception to discuss their own photographic images as well as the goals of PASNWPA in promoting photography as fine art. PASNWPA members are always happy to discuss their techniques for capturing their images as well as their use of the plethora of tools available to them to further enhance their digital images and create works of art!

The exhibit includes so many outstanding photographs, but a few of the images to be displayed in the exhibit are highlighted below.

GGG Lagoon BoatsThis image titled, “Lagoon Boats”, was taken by Gayle Winslow, using a digital camera with an infrared filter, which enables the camera to capture infrared light not normally seen by our eyes and blocks all or most of the visible light spectrum which we normally see. The resulting image is this dream-like photograph of boats in the lagoons at Presque Isle.

GGG SolitudeT. Alan Kirk, owner of Meadville Fine Arts, LLC, used a compositing technique to combine several images to create this abstract titled, “Solitude, ” which he describes as “Quiet, peaceful rest, alone with your thoughts… being absorbed into nature, listening to the gentle breeze and the soft rustling of the leaves, this is solitude.”  The combined images of a man with leaves in the background and the foreground create a very thought provoking effect.

GGG Summer SentryThis image, titled “Summer Sentry, was taken by Greg Zbach, a well-known photographer who regularly displays his work in local galleries.  Greg and his wife were out driving around south of Erie on a beautiful afternoon when this scene unfolded.  Greg was fascinated with the field of flowers, the horse grazing and the layers of fencing.  The broken fence was a perfect frame for the piece.  Post processing helped to convey the lazy afternoon feeling of the work.

Visit the Glass Growers Gallery today. You will be rewarded with many more works of art created by the Fine Art Photographers of the Photographic Arts Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania.


PASNWPA is a non-profit organization that advances Fine Art photography in the Northwestern Pennsylvania area and helps provide economic benefits for its member artists.   Among its stated goals are: to organize and conduct gallery exhibitions, to provide education on  Fine Art photography to the public, and to provide member artists a gallery on the PASNWPA webpage to showcase their images.

PASNWPA Contact Information:

Kathy A. Welte, President

For more information about this exhibit, contact: Deborah or Vanessa Vahanian at or call 814.453.3758


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