Member Exhibit

Patti Larson GGGPASNWPA member, Patti Larson, invites you to view her work in a Glass Growers Gallery exhibit entitled, Contemporary and Colorful Macro Photography.”

February 14 to March 4

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, February 14 from 1PM to 4PM.



Glass Growers Gallery
10 E 5th St.
Erie, PA  16507
Store Hours:
M – F: 10AM to 5:30PM
S: 10AM to 5PM

“Photography is a way for me to capture a subject as I see it in my mind and transform it into an image that enables the viewer to connect with the subject. Photography became a creative outlet at retirement for me as it tends to be somewhat technical in nature and relates well to my previous career in healthcare and software development. The technical aspects of photography, especially during post-processing, broadens the scope of the finished artwork to unimaginable extents.

“Nature has always been an important part of my life. After learning what to look for, it did not take long for me to observe and literally turn my focus on the beauty in nature – from its rich colors to its myriad of shapes, patterns and textures. I am especially drawn to subjects and landscapes that project warmth and are enhanced by the variations in the light whether subtle or vivid.

“From an artistic perspective, the two greatest influences on my personal photography, thus far, have come from Art Becker and [PASNWPA Member] Ellen Anon, both internationally known and award winning photographers from the Erie area. From them I have learned to look for art everywhere and to capture what I see with my mind’s eye so that it has the greatest visual impact.

“This current series of Oil and Water Macro images was a very enjoyable project. With all the whirls and swirls and bubbles, I found the images to be calming and relaxing and enjoyed bringing together images of similar or complementary colors for each grouping.”  

Patti Larson


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