The Land O’ Lakes Photo Walk Gallery

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.11.47 PMOn Sunday, October 19th, nine PASNWPA members and two prospective members gathered at State Game Lands Number 277 otherwise known as Land O’ Lakes due to the number of small lakes and ponds on the property. The parking area is located directly across the street from Hole 2 tee box on the north end of Riverside Golf Course (Rt 19 just north of Cambridge Springs. We started out about 3:45PM.

We took advantage of wonderful weather, great clouds, fall color, fading light, and terrific company. It was good fun, we learned from each other, and created a lot of images.

Once the light left us, we headed to the Riverside Inn for food and brew and to keep the engines running. We talked about photo trips, places to shoot, and we got to know one other a little better, too. One concept we talked about was how different photographers see the same area. When you have eleven photographers shooting the same area, it’s great to see everyone’s visions, their “photographer’s eye.”

Below is a gallery of images taken on our photo walk and each image is marked with the photographer’s name. If you haven’t taken part in a photo walk (this was my first), join us! It’s a great way to learn and create images!


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