Member Greg Zbach Exhibit

Exhibit Invitation

Greg Zbach Photographs
“The Water Element –
A Celebration of Life”

September 6 to October 13
Glass Growers Gallery

HDR tonemapped

In 2004, my first solo exhibit entitled “The Water Element” was held at Glass Growers Gallery. It seemed appropriate to revisit this theme with my new show “The Water Element – A Celebration of Life” opening in September and coinciding with the Perry 200 Bicentennial. The influences of living on the shore of Lake Erie, and my favorite artist Monet, are inherent in my art. Water in all its forms is the inspiration for some of my most creative works, and this collection honors the life-giving qualities of water through a captivating and unique perspective. This exhibition is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Perry’s victory over the British, which would have never been possible without the extraordinary properties of water!

Greg Zbach is a revered and accomplished photographer who is also a composer and Electrical Engineer. Within his fine art photographs Greg offers a mysterious and evocative view of nature. Their complexities range from perplexing points of view to references of symbolic interpretations. His photographs stem from nature, but through digital alteration, some photos become surrealistic or op art-like. These raw or realistic portrayals are rich with color and skillful in composition, well beyond the range of the ordinary. Within all of Greg Zbach’ s images, he offers a wonderfully compelling and fresh view of the natural world.


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